About the coder

Born and raised in rural North Dakota, I now live in Minnesota with my husband Dan and our son Aedric. I'm an expert in HTML/CSS. Read more about me.

About the code

I do freelance web development. My favorite jobs involve:

  1. converting designs into websites that play well with search engines, all major browsers and meet current accessibility and standards requirements, and
  2. implementing those websites into a content management system (CMS), which allows non-technical people to maintain their own websites.

You'll enjoy working with me because...

I'm super fast, responsive, and love what I do.

My clients are usually freelance web designers who love to design but hate to code. I also work with small businesses (and some big businesses too!)

Your site will be affordable because...

Rather than billing hourly, I quote projects à la carte. This method lets clients know exactly how much a project will cost upfront, rather than guessing how many hours it will take. Contact me for a quote!

Discounts available for qualified charitable organizations.

Your site will be awesome because my code...

  • Plays well with all major browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome)
  • "Tableless" design -- CSS-based layouts
  • Accessible for everyone -- vision impaired, mobility impaired, etc. (Section 508)
  • Valid xHTML/HTML code, hack-free CSS code
  • SEM-friendly code (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Willing to work within your coding guidelines (doctype preference, naming convention preference, code layout preference, etc.)